Production Plan

Phase 1 : Research and Development

From the commencement of the film, the initial 6 to 8 weeks will be devoted to research,  shortlisting and finalizing stories that represent our interest in the most poignant and effective manner.

We will meet doctors, researches, experts and other scholars in this time to document and study medical facts about dementia.

As the film develops, we will have accurate idea about the final budget, based on which we will continue raising funds for the next two phases.

Phase 2:  Production

The actual filming will spread over 24 to 32 weeks. We will observe and capture stories in details, record interviews and collect all the data for the film.

Phase 3 : Post Production

Post production should take up approximately 12 weeks. We will edit the film, compose music, design sound and prepare a highest possible broadcast quality film.

In ideal circumstances the film should be complete in approximately one year from its date of commencement.