Future Project


The theme of Mist is simply that  life deserves to be lived with grace and dignity, even in the face of an irreversible disease like Dementia. And however hard it may be to access, but for no human being that possibility should ever be lost.

The Concept

‘Sweet Old Kiss’ © dark_ghetto28 (Flickr)

The film is based on a group of people, between 65 to 103 years old, in initial-to-advanced stages of dementia, living together in a residential care home in the UK.

This film intends to be a heartwarming and truthful portrayal of their stories, their struggle before and after the effect of dementia, their journeys and their valued lives, the new relationships and friendships they continue to find, and grow attached to in this care home, their need for longing and love, their daily activities, the fun they have – all this – as well as their fears and worries and their eventual escalation into the presence of an inevitable stillness silently watching life passing by beyond the windows of their rooms.

Amidst all this, the camera often turns to the staff and the caretakers, each with their own tales, memories and experiences with their clients – their concerns and their outlook towards the future and the needs they think require utmost attention at the grass-root level of dementia care.

The camera also travels to some of the clients’ homes on different occasions of birthdays, festivals or simple Sunday meals and captures the stories of their families – their children and their grandchildren – coping with dementia of their loved one.

The film touches upon various issues connected with dementia on medical and socio-political level as well as incorporates the National and International statistics of the disease.

The intention is not only to educate the viewers about the inevitability and the scale of dementia, the ways to prolong its effects and the facilities available, but also to stress upon the fact that dementia is not something to be feared, nor isolated, but rather embraced and dealt with courage and affection. As the famous saying goes – “Its not about adding years to your life, but life to your years.”

This documentary hopes to be an accurate, first hand, largely observational, deeply moving and thought evoking account of a whirlwind of emotions surrounding a variety of aspects connected to dementia.

But more than anything else, it remains a true portrayal of human nature on an irreversible journey into the misty years, fighting each moment its basic right to walk the remaining miles alive, with grace and dignity.