Current Project

That Thin Green Line

In the North East Indian state of Assam, floating on the expansive currents of the river Brahmaputra is the largest populated river island in the world called Majuli.

Majuli Island

In 1950, the total land mass of the island was 1256 Sq. kilometers. In the last 42 years due to severe erosion and neglect, it has reduced by 600 Sq. kilometers. At this rate in another 20 years, the entire island will vanish.

The attempt with this film is to present the picture with utmost clarity and factual reconnaissance encompassing Majuli’s natural and emotional landscape.

With the help of in-depth research, several characters and situations, being shot over a period of one year, this film will touch upon the following four important areas :

1. The present state of erosion in Majuli, its scale and its impact at the grass root level.

2. The multiple reasons behind erosion, the history of erosion.

3. The future of the island, the hope of the islanders or the lack thereof.

4. The indigenous culture of ancient tribes, the spiritual heritage and traditions of 600 years and the natural beauty of Majuli – all offering a window into what is about to be lost forever.

Take a look at the Trailer

That Thin Green Line from Dheeraj Akolkar on Vimeo.